Seinäjoki Ruukintie-Kuortaneentie

Seinäjoki, South Ostrobothnia province of Western Finland.

Railroad lights

Traffic Light

Chillin with the fan

After skateboarding out in the sun it's nice to cool off inside

Intersport on Puistopolku, Seinäjoki

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Seinäjoki Ruukintie-Kuortaneentie

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Wet snowy roads

Woke up to the sound of rain outside. The snow is starting to melt already!

Sleet in the morning

The rain turned into sleet and made me want to stay inside even more.

Playground rocker

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Panorama Ahmo Siilinjärvi

Panorama of the small lake Ahmo at Siilinjärvi during winter.

Car lights

Cars come and go on the snowy road.