Finnish people don't talk to strangers, but they go naked to the sauna with them - True :-D

Yet another Finnish Problem --and one I would have if I lived in Finland. I have lots of Moomin stuff as it is.

Finland - the land of many curious (sporting) events... Eukonkanto (as seen on picture), suopotkupallo (soccer in swamps), sanomisen MM (sauna bathing World Championships) and Ilmakitaran soiton MM (Air guitar World Championships) just to name a few. Cute and funny Finland themed postcard from

Cute and funny Finland themed postcatd from (for sale at Stadion Hostel, Helsinki)


Funny pictures about A Finnish Police Man With His Police Reindeer. Oh, and cool pics about A Finnish Police Man With His Police Reindeer. Also, A Finnish Police Man With His Police Reindeer photos.

Isi on taas jossain

Joke: (translated) It is really odd when either one of these shows up, dad is nowhere to be found?

Mean while in Finland... Me ollaan ihan tavallinen kansa! – 10 harrastusta suoraan Suomesta | Vivas

If theres one thing Russians are good at, its getting through the winter Photos)

Ilmeisen loppuun asti harkittu mainosten sijoittelu.

A gas-station and a liqour store, the only things you need on theh road in finland

22 hauskaa kuvaa lasten maailmasta | Vivas

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