Markku Metso
Muita ideoita: Markku
Crow shirt, Hood Mus. Dartmouth ac
Sioux Tokala lance Buechel Mus.  ac
The wood supports with red ties on two tipis in a Native American Sioux Indian village in South Dakota
Cheyenne woman holding pipe close to earth, during the sun dance ceremony, 1910
Crow Tacked Knife Sheath with Bowie Knife.  С. 1870. The sheath is made from old saddle leather with square brass tacks. The knife is typical high quality frontier manufactured Bowie Knife. Brass buttons and Ferrule clip point blade. Engraved OE in German script.  Knife 13 1/4". Blade 8 1/2". Sheath 11 1/2" x 3 3/4". Sherwoods Spirit of America.
Collections Search Center, Smithsonian Institution
Crow shield, Ethno Mus Berlin
Southern Cheyenne shield, Denver Art Mus.
Shield, N. Cheyenne, captured at the attack on Dull Knife's village, winter 1876. NMNH
Bringing Presents into Sun Lodge. Siksika Indians, Montana. Са. 1903. Walter McClintock papers. Yale University Library.