by Likainen Parketti/ Lily.

Sauna as the most natural form of treatment – Sauna health benefits Today there is a general tendency for more natural methods of treatment, ie. the treatment of the basic elements of nature.

Someday I would like to have my own sauna. Currently I am living in a sauna like climate. Nothing better than a sauna on a winter day.

Saunatunnelmissa kuva 8.jpg

10 inspiring designs for the perfect lakeside sauna – Cottage Life Finland

Sauna mit Panorama Ausblick

Sauna with large window


An elegant sauna evening to invite your guests to is the top-notch dream event! Here are 28 mind-boggling ideas!

Reindeer Sauna's: zwarte maatwerk sauna.

Reindeer Sauna's: zwarte maatwerk sauna.


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Amazing Sauna By Kung Saunas Home Gym combining views in to the sauna with large glass fronts