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I love gadgets and weird stuff. Pinterest is FUN! Hope to give some ideas to people as well as I'm vacuuming from others! ;) Btw Don't let your Pinterest addict
Marko Kulmala
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This Cat Teepee is made of 100% recycled cardboard. It’s fun modern take on a classic symbol of American iconography is inspired by Native American culture and the collective imagination associated with it. The Teepee is available with 5 interchangeable ornaments included in the box to let you pick your favorite: dream catcher, feather, tomahawk, eagle and bull’s head.

after the success of the canadian cat cabin, design duo loyal luxe have created a second model of cardboard cat houses. this fun native american teepee would make a great gift for your fluffy friend

I neeeeeed this. "This speaker boosts the volume of any smartphone by using "Near-Field Audio Technology." You simply place the device on top of the speaker and it amplifies the sound." iFrogz Boost Near-Field Audio Speaker

Your iPhone or Android can't pump out a party's worth of sound, so you'll need a boost, but wires and pairing is a pain. Near-Field Audio technology amplifies any tiny speaker into room-filling sound, effortlessly!

iPad Suit for men!? Mohans, New York. Do you really need this? :D

Creative iPad Clothing and Unusual iPad Compatible Clothing iPad Suit: This suit comes with an iPad pocket, creation of New York-based gentlemen's tailors Mohan.

A piece of wood. Ipad desk stand by TheBachRoom on Etsy. $50.00 USD. Whoah!!

A piece of wood. Ipad desk stand by TheBachRoom on Etsy. $50.00 USD. Whoah!!