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beauty in unexpected places (child photography nyc, family photographer long island)

Guía de iluminación de retratos (24 setups) 1

24 Portrait Lighting Setups [Cheat Sheet] via

Ari Bradshaw * Blog de moda, lifestyle y humor *: Guía de poses para este otoño

Sitting on the Ground Poses

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Most people don't know how to pose when it comes to portrait pictures and you see many amateur and unprofessional models because they don't look confident in their pictures. This infographic DigitalCameraWorld goes through 50 different poses which will li


Lighting Lesson: How I Use Color Gels in My Studio Beauty Work

Eine super anschauliche Sammlung für Licht Arrangement in der Porträt Fotografie.

There are three main areas of control when using studio flash heads.

Family of 6 in a Field // Paradise Valley Family Photographer

Photography Tips, Photography Tutorials, Family Picture Ideas, Family…

Senior photography pose ideas. Pose inspiration for senior pictures. #seniorpictureideas #posesforseniorpictures

Senior Pic Pose ideas for males - impressive poses for a gentlemann - must try

Getting The Most Out Of Your Modifiers

Lichtformer - Fotostudio Getting The Most Out Of Your Modifiers