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Marko Saarijärvi

Marko Saarijärvi
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28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later months after the rage virus was inflicted on the population of Great Britain, the US Army helps to secure a small area of London for the survivors to repopulate and start again. But not everything goes to plan.

Live Free or Die Hard

Live Free or Die Hard Directed by Len Wiseman. With Bruce Willis, Justin Long, Timothy Olyphant, Maggie Q. John McClane and a young hacker join forces to take down master cyber-terrorist Thomas Gabriel in Washington D.

12 Monkeys

Get Twelve Monkeys DVD and Blu-ray release date, trailer, movie poster and movie stats. As a mutating virus threatens to wipe out the remainder of humanity in prisoner James Cole agrees to travel back in time to the year the outbreak began, to.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN Sam Witwicky leaves the Autobots behind for a normal life. But when his mind is filled with cryptic symbols, the Decepticons target him and he is dragged back into the Transformers' war.

Ex Machina

Ex Machina - Drama, Sci-Fi - A young programmer is selected to participate in a breakthrough experiment in artificial intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of a breathtaking female A.