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Markus Kortman

Markus Kortman
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Bronzes. Highly advanced androids created by humans to originally serve as autonomous labour, they have since gained sentience and indeed sapience. Self-replicating and qualified as living, they live among human societies as citizens, famed for their honest and blunt nature. Mostly working as technicians and guards, they are efficient and respected.

I chose this pin because in the book there are self aware robots that do many things. Such as driving ships and keeping their boat in working order.

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Have a look at this selection of amazing artworks made by Marc Brunet, Senior Character Artist at Blizzard.

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Beautiful ship by our friend Rasmus. Keywords: digital orbiter spacecraft illustration design art by rasmus poulsen sample portfolio imag.

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Krang confirmed for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows!