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My art mass effect femshep garrus vakarian Shakarian Jane Shepard draw your otp sorry xdddd but it makes me happy

Shiver Me Kimbers : Photo

I don't care what anybody says, I loved Mass Effect Andromeda. While I loved My FemShep. it was so refreshing to play as someone who didn't have that confidence straight away; someone who was a little more awkward. I relate more to Ryder.

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Headbutting lesson

After all, she is Krogan. And yeah, medi gel could have been used but kids and band-aids go hand-in-hand. (I bet ME-verse band-aids would have little varren pics on them. Or maybe little fishies.

This is my old work (painted without the tablet. Drew this after played in Mass Effect The background is not my (space). Tali in the chair