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a black cat sitting on top of a wreath with orange flowers and leaves hanging from it
I love this one! Orange and black moon wreath. How cute is that cat though! 🖤🧡🐱
instructions to tie a knot together with rope
DIY Macrame Feathers - Easy Step by Step Guide
a lighted christmas tree in front of a brick wall with red, white and blue ornaments
A wheel Christmas tree
This would be the PERFECT tree to see in a bicycle shop, don't you think? alternative Christmas tree. Bicycle christmas tree
three glass vases with plants in them sitting on a table next to each other
Dollar Store Halloween Decor: Tablescape
Dollar Store Halloween Decor: Tablescape. Decorate a spooky table with jars, vases, and items from the dollar store.
some clothes pins are hanging on a white board with red and white striped twine
Amplificateur de son | Appareil auditif | Casque TV |
calendrier de l'avent
christmas decorations and ornaments are arranged in different styles, including heart shaped ornament
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Swedish Christmas....i need to grow some bittersweet or something.
a lantern with two lit candles in it sitting on top of snow covered ground next to red chairs
93 Inspiring Scandinavian Christmas Decorating Ideas - DigsDigs
76 Inspiring Scandinavian Christmas Decorating Ideas | DigsDigs
a christmas wreath with pine cones and red balls on it is hung on the wall
56 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas for Every Holiday Style
Accent Pinecones with Pops of Color. A trio of faux cardinals and a bunch of bright red ornaments add pops of color to this store-bought Christmas wreath. Coat a pinecone wreath with gray spray paint; let dry. Spray with faux snow and silver glitter, letting dry between each coat. Hot-glue three cardinal figurines and nine round red ornaments among the pinecones.
pine cones and other decorations in a glass vase on a table next to a wooden sign
Spray painted pine cones
pine cones are arranged in a bowl on a wooden table with red and gray flowers
The Best DIY Christmas Decorations to Create a Winter Wonderland
pine cones!
pine cones are hanging from the branches of a tree
Make Your Home Merry and Bright with These DIY Christmas Decorations
two mason jars filled with pine cones and candles
several handmade christmas stockings and mittens with buttons
handmade Christmas mittens