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Фигуры. Рисуем позы.

邮件 - Seow Ting Phua - Outlook More [[why is drawing kissing people so hard]]


For any action pose imaginable

I found some of these poses to be cool

I really need to learn how to draw anatomy 😐

614192ae4ce9643128d8d410b080d39b.jpg (658×1897) (Dynamic Stretching For Dancers)

Different weapons poses

线稿练习——动态人体资料 | 火神网旗下...@suancai123采集到原画(141图)_花瓣插画/漫画

please ignore the suggestive female poses>> Dude they aren't suggestive it's normal they are fighting poses get your mind out of the gutter .

How to draw hands. Рисование рук.

How to Draw Ninja Hands.Hands Reference II by =Ninjatic on deviantART

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Female poses reference for powers etc.

Imagen insertada

Imagen insertada

Hatake Kakashi

Hatake Kakashi

Kakashi's finally put off his mask and a fucking cat cover it although Kakashi likes dog.

Type: Fan Art, Anime(s)/Show(s): Naruto, Character(s): Cat, Kakashi Comment: Always with the face.