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an aquarium with rocks and plants surrounding it, including water spewing from the top
Fountain Accessories
Features: -Aerates, filters, and beautifies your pond. -Energy efficient 280 GPH pump provides oxygen to your pond. -Use during winter to resist ice formation. -White LED lights illuminate the bub
two pictures showing how to make an easy diy project with paint and cotton swabs
Use a Mason Jar and a Salt Lid for an Easy-to-Use Container for Coffee or Sugar
Use a Mason Jar and a Salt Lid for an Easy-to-Use Container for Coffee or Sugar... duh!
an image of a magazine rack on the wall with books in it and another item that appears to be reading
12 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips
#5. Use A Magazine Rack To Store Kitchen Wrap ~ 12 Easy Kitchen Organization Tips
a wooden chair made out of pallet boards sitting on top of a hard wood floor
1001Pallets - Thousands of Pallet furniture ideas & DIY Pallet projects!
1001 Pallets, Recycled wood pallet ideas, DIY pallet Projects !
a hand is holding a jar with a wire attached to it and plugged in
Finally!! A real tutorial on mason jar lights!
three different pictures of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, and one is being suspended by chains
Hot Air Balloons
Recycle! Diy hot air balloon - I would try filling the areas created with color!
three white candles sitting on top of a wooden table
3 DIY Gifts Made with Dried Flowers and Herbs
Enlist forget-me-nots, Queen Anne's lace, and chervil to dress up store-bought pillars.
four pictures showing how to sew the fabric
mięciutkie serduszko :o)
DIY hearts.
some blue and white eggs in a glass bowl on a table with daffodils
Egg DIY Projects
Eggscellent Ideas Great Egg Projects
two glass jars with buttons in them on a white background, one is green and the other is black
New Show Toppers Mason Jar Lid
Spray paint a Mason Jar lid and add a cool vintage knob.
three jars filled with flour and sugar on top of a wooden table
12 Fun DIY Projects for Your Kitchen
Super easy: how to "embroider" your kitchen canisters
a green bowl filled with lots of colorful cloths
These Creative DIY Spring Crafts Will Instantly Brighten Your Home
Put your fabric remnants to good use by turning them into a unique patchwork pillowcase. -
several tea tins with candles in them on a table next to flowers and a window
How to Make Candles
Candles in Tins!
patriotic book page wreath on front door with text overlay that reads, patriotic vintage book page wreath
The 5 Pins You Need to See This Week
Perfect for 4th of July!