DIY julekort (BLOG Bog & idé)

DIY julekort (BLOG Bog & idé) the atmospheric effect created by the different colors of the trees.

isolation by Skinny Ships : Richard Perez Snow makes the illustration lonely and isolated. Since coldness forces people to go through hypothermia and all that things. The lonely house is making a lone stand.

DIY - joulukortit piirtäen // DIY - X-MAS cards

DIY - joulukortit piirtäen // DIY - X-MAS cards

The world is quite here.

"Semblance" This is an old sailor's ghost story written by my dear friend, Eleanor Perry-Smith than I penned in Spencerian script and illustrated. By Jake Weidmann Boat ~ ship ~ sailing ~ words ~ book ~ page ~ read ~ sailor ~ sea ~ ocean

Sketchbook ideas. Forrest illustration

The first thing that I found very interesting and unique is the quirkiness of this simple sketch. I feel that the layout of this particular sketch has been well thought Continue reading