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three people looking up at an airplane flying in the sky with their heads above them
Alex Prager Studio
Photo by Alex Prager |
a woman sitting at a table in front of a refrigerator filled with bottles and glasses
Tom Wood - untitled. From 'Looking for Love', taken between 1982 and 1986 in New Brighton, Wirral.
two women sitting on the hood of a car
Tom Wood's men and women
Tom Wood, from BBC: "Not Miss New Brighton, 1978/79 was shot on an old Rolleicord with a slightly soft lens on Kodak VPS film - all of these elements combine to give it a wonderful quality, something Wood says was not matched when scanned and printed digitally".
several people sitting on the floor with drinks and shoes
Martin Parr
Martin Parr
a woman laying on top of a beach under a red hat
Martin Parr because this image does not capture the face of the person makes it more impact the hat hooks you straight away then leads onto the background on the sea, I like the way the sun reflection on the sea was captured.
a group of people sitting on top of a stone wall next to the ocean
Enlarged Image
Martin Parr was accused of exploiting the working class with his portrayal of New Brighton in 1986, but he said he was just picturing what he saw.
a woman laying on top of a pink and yellow blanket with her hair blowing in the wind
lost in thought
Martin Parr capturing the typical girl wrong move. I love how he takes his passion for photography and gives a humorous twist to it. Something every girl can relate to.
a man reading a newspaper while sitting in a beach chair with two small children on his lap
Martin Parr / Magnum Photos Interested in Art? Check out the artist Leo Alexander Scott ....
a woman standing in front of a group of kids at a table with doughnuts on it
Martin Parr
two young children standing next to each other in front of a red car with the caption martin parr the last resort
Martin Parr
This photo was taken by Martin Parr. I chose it because I found the photo humorous.
three women in bathing suits standing on the beach
ladyflash2: “Alex Prager ”
a group of people sitting at a table eating food and drinking sodas in front of them
Martin Parr- classic capturing British seaside moments
a painting of a man with blue eyes
Daniel Barkley
Daniel Barkley
a painting of a child's face is shown through a window with water droplets
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oil painting. alyssa monks