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Auschwitz/Birkenau Concentration camps - Auschwitz was a Nazi concentration & extermination camp and over million people died here. It's possible to visit two parts of the camp: Auschwitz and Birkenau.

Electric Chair - BE080301 - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis

In chapter Atticus explains to Scout what will most likely happen to Tom if they lose the trial. He'll probably be sent to the electric chair for a death sentence because rape is a capitol crime in Alabama.

Article by African Globe ( | Photo of Aboriginal slaves and slave owner | Indigenous Australia |

Until the the Aborigines, or Aboriginal Australians, came under the Flora And Fauna Act that classified them as animals, not human beings. This also meant that killing an Aborigine meant you weren’t killing a human being, but an animal.

Tove Jansson: Omakuva (1975). Yksityiskokoelma.
 Kuva: Suomen Kansallisgalleria / Yehia Eweis
© Tove Janssonin kuolinpesä.

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