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THE SMOKING CATERPILLAR BY SPACEROOT                                                                                                                                                                                 More

CAPNOMANIAC [noun] an individual who has an uncontrollable obsession with smoking tobacco products. Etymology: from Ancient Greek kapnós, “smoke” + mania, “madness”. [spaceroot - The Smoking Caterpillar]

Plague doctor: The black death comes by on @DeviantArt

Hi, I`ve return from a daily rutine and done this project. I think that its my best deviatio. Plague doctor: The black death comes


Plague Doctor- physicians wore these masks during outbreaks of bubonic or pneumonic plague in hopes of protecting themselves as they treated patients.

OMG Posters! » Archive » Two Amazing New Art Prints by Godmachine

Exclusive to The Art Of Godmachine Solo Show "Originally for Disturbia Clothing. My attempt to let my first art loves come home to me." Godmachine Edition of only 50 Signed & numbered 24 x Printed on French black licorice stock