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Day of the Dead and Snake Design by ambydevilish / the eyes on the snake look like the need to be repositioned, moved back a bit, they're too close to the fangs. Besides that it's a great design!

Teach me to love.

Designs and interfaces focuses on practical and functional design rather than art-for-art's sake.


I was experimenting with different ways to draw flowers, and this is the final result ! The design was then used for a tatttoo so i ask that no one else. Old school flower tattoo desig

Come with me.

OUTLINE More in this style You can to use my drawings for your tattoo. In return please send a picture of finished tattoo to this email: oldSkullLovebyM. COME WITH ME tattoo flash skeleton


I did a rough sketch of it while listening to one of my favorite music genre, industrial metal. ^^ I wasn't quite sure to submit it while it didn't become as unique as I wan.

There it is!

There it is!