Matti Nevanperä

Matti Nevanperä

Matti Nevanperä
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Nice build idea Rod & Reel Storage

make fly fishing furniture such as fly tying tables and benches, fly rod racks and cabinets, fly storage cabinets, material storage cabinets, and more!

Great looking fly.

I mean how many little bead head gems can you have? There is absolutely no need to tie any more bead head wet flies for years to come, yet I do.

Fly Fishing Chest

I have this box for all my global traveling memories.never knew it was a Fly Fishing Chest

Fly tying desk

perfect place for the fly tier. log home & cabin photography, ovando, montana, log home living Craft space too?

Fly Tying Bench

Someday I'm gonna buy this for George Fly Tying Bench ~ amazing work by artist Roberto Lavadie.