Max Turunen
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small scale solar furnace to steam to movement engine to turn electricity generator and load batteries.
For extra power, there are self doable, testded, durable, solar concentrator models, that can be made from commonly awailable parts. Like smaller versions of this one. For solar ovens, furnaces, and energy generators: Instructions from here:
Vegetables for food can be grown in new permanent soil, that can be made from leftover materials of seaweeds that have been turned to fuel and energy: charcoal and plant nutrient slurry. Edible and sellable vegetables.
charcoal + biodigestor slurry can be used to make " Terra Preta " -type mixture, for turning dead sands and very poor grounds into permanent soil for gardening food. Apparently for *some* harvests to start to appear, 5kg of powdered charcoal, as much slurry as mixes into that charcoal, per square meter of land. mixture is spread on sand and then soaked in by watering or rain. It seems to stick to surface layers for good.
what is left over from seaweed biogas making is effluent slurry. this can be mixed with seaweed charcoal. This can make mixture for making dead sand to permanent food growing soil.
sun dried seaweed can be made into charcoal, with minimal smoke, while cooking outside. two old barrels are needed. here is how:
medium sized biodigestor for farm or neighborhood
self doable neat small homescale biodigestor
seaweed can be turned to burnable biogas and remaining plant fertilizing nutrients for food growing
Seaweed can be biogassed like any other biomass.