Alvar Aalto

A stack of painted and worn Alvar Aalto Stool perhaps one of the most popular pieces from Artek’s archive, given new life in the Cycle series by Tom Dixon. via Dwell

Eero Aarnio for Magis

Welcome to Questodesign.::Magis Puppy Kids Chair by Eero Aarnio - Puppy_Eero_Aarnio_Magis - Magis

Arne Jacobsen: The 7 Chair, 1955

Love the chair Arne Jacobsen: The 7 Chair, A Schematic Life

2nd #coffee Snowraining in Munich. #Iittala Jan.2014 Photo by mademoiselle MAYBEE.

Snowraining in Munich. Photo by mademoiselle MAYBEE.

iittala. Oiva Toikka 1964. Kastehelmi. Finnish design. Photo by mademosielle MAYBEE.

Photo by mademosielle MAYBEE.