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a teddy bear sitting on top of a green field
an image of different types of animals on paper
an octopus and tomato cut out to match the colors
an orange and yellow pumpkin cut out to make it look like a little chickling
a blue car and green turtle are on the opposite side of a white background with different shapes
a black and white poster with different items on it
an image of a paint can with animals and stars on the bottom, which is labeled in
a purple and white paint can with pictures on the side that show different things in it
a green paint can being used to make matching pictures for st patrick's day
a pink cake with icing and other items around it
an image of a blue paint can with other things to see in the picture below
an image of a red paint can with different things around it and the words love
an orange paint can is shown with pictures to match it's color and size