make frozen smoothie packets every sunday to last the whole week: Blueberry Belly Fat

Make frozen fruit smoothie packs every Sunday to last the whole week. When you’re ready to enjoy a smoothie just pick a bag and blend! Simple and quick!

MAKE FOR WEEK: coconut butter granola

Coconut Butter Granola

I am dying to make Jessica's Coconut Butter Granola. It's packed with rolled oats, flax, almonds, and 3 different forms of coconut. A mouthwatering breakfast for sure! // How Sweet Eats

MAKE DRESSING FOR WEEK: Creamy Cilantro Avocado Salad Dressing:   1/2 avocado  3/4 cilantro  1/2 c 0% greek yo  2 scallions  1 clove  1 T lime juice  1.2 t sugar  1.2 t salt

Creamy Cilantro Avocado Salad Dressing Recipe “Greek yogurt is the perfect way to add a creamy texture to salad dressings without the extra fat,” —Cassey Ho Toi Toi Ho

DINNER: The Best Roast Chicken You'll Ever Have

The Best Roast Chicken You'll Ever Have By Caitlin Van Horn from Roost on Cup of Jo

MAKE DRESSING FOR WEEK: Mustard Jar Vinaigrette

A brilliant solution to how to get the last mustard out of the jar, AND have some homemade salad dressing. This Mustard Jar Vinaigrette is so simple you will wonder why you didn& think of it before!

sexy legs workout challenge

Chickpea Veggie Fritter Bites with Avocado Dipping Sauce

I developed the three-day Military Diet weight loss menu plan. Here are menus for each day, a shopping list, exercises, and success stories from those who have achieved their weight-loss goals.