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Most Haunted Places | The Most Haunted Places In America |

"Waverly Hills is the place where ghostly sightings are almost a daily occurence." ~Zac - Ghost Adventures~ Many paranormal investigators claim that the most haunted hospital worldwide is the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. I so want to visit here!

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Tony Perry:) probably spencer in panic and andy in fob, they're pretty intimidating.:b<<Don't forget Mikey Way<<<Zack Merrick<<< Jinxx<- Luke hemmings


This is exactly what I'm excited for. The fact that everyone feels the same way about the music that I do, and that it's all okay.>>>>this happened at the panic at the disco concert I went to and it was beautiful


Andy Biersack Yelling At A Hater <<<< I have so much respect for andy after watching this video. he stood up for himself and for everyone else in the room, and he did it with good grace in my opinion <<< go Andy! FUCK YOU HATER!