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sans, undertale, papyrus

sans and papyrus - babybones


How to draw manga hair most of these hairstyles could be guy hairstyles. Then again, you don't know, a girl can have short hair.


How to draw hand?


Some more blood behavior First one here…


FREE anime hair tutorial done in paint tool sai

Mermaid Reference

ah some cute mermaid references ! i have to say that i really love drawing mermaids. however this is a more cartoony style, and i enjoy it very much.

Sirens, centaurs, winged - poses by on @DeviantArt

Notebook doodles, made in May 2011 Sirens look more like nagas. Sitting centaur doodle was probably inspired by [link] Sirens, centaurs, winged - poses

levi levi levi

// Oh my gosh have any of you seen the real video of the racoon who's eating cotton candy and trys to wash it and it disappears, it's funny but so sad, I felt so bad the the little guy!

Erwin Smith-->This is really good and all, but look at his caterpillars. Look at them. Poor Eyebrows.

Erwin Smith - Attack on Titan - Shingeki no Kyojin                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

= = blue blue background blush closed eyes clothes pin clothesline drooling full body hanging looking at viewer no humans pokemon pokemon (creature) simple background sleeping solo vaporeon