Manga nose I was waiting a payment and got bored. I usually keep those to myself as I do them pretty often as a record of a current process and archive but I guess theres no harm in sharing. My process for t.

Mermaid Reference

doodles mermen poses as i fret about birthday presents look at how counter-productive i am also these are probably only helpful to those who draw shota .

Sirens, centaurs, winged - poses by Batri.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Notebook doodles, made in May 2011 Sirens look more like nagas. Sitting centaur doodle was probably inspired by [link] Sirens, centaurs, winged - poses


How to draw manga hair most of these hairstyles could be guy hairstyles. Then again, you don't know, a girl can have short hair.

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=_= blue blue_background blush closed_eyes clothes_pin clothesline drooling full_body hanging looking_at_viewer no_humans pokemon pokemon_(creature) simple_background sleeping solo vaporeon

Bunny' care package Smollsters! by Bunnymuse

I'll add a description once I get better wifi.and sorry for the bad spelling.this was just for fun Bunny' care package Smollsters!