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several different types of cell phones are arranged on wooden trays with one phone in the middle
Natural Bamboo Wood SmartPhone Stand Holder
several different types of wooden devices on display
Customize Logo/Name Wooden Holder Stand Mount for iPhone iPad and Other Cell Phone
a cell phone sitting on top of a piece of wood
Wooden Phone docks iPhone plus organizer beautiful wood docking station Galaxy Note Tablet st...
the instructions for how to make an owl bookend with popsticks and glue
Natural Wooden Cell Phone Stand Holder
Funny Wooden Animal iPhone Cell Phone Stand Mount Holder Business Card Display Stand Holder Office Desk Organizer for iPhone 77 Plus6s6s Plus and other smartphones
a wooden sculpture of a dolphin on a white background
Suporte para Celular Karate
a wooden figure holding a cell phone in it's hand
a wooden letter and pen holder with a cell phone in it's holder on top of a table
A letter wooden mobile stand/ Wooden mobile holder
"You don't have to look for your mobile phone anymore! You can put this wooden \"A\" letter mobile stand on a shelf, or bedside table, or side-table, but you would love it on your desk in the office too. Mobile holder is really useful, you should not touch your phone however you can see who is just calling for you. If you want, I can prepare other letter mobile holders. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Size: 4,68\" (12 cm) height, 5,85\" (15 cm) width, 1,092\" (2,8 cm) depth Material: solid beech wood finish with all-natural 100 % bio Auro oil Grain of wood can vary the holder in pictures. Ready to ship in 1-2 business days. We will deliver it by FEDEX within couple of days. If you have any questions regarding this item, please hit the \"Ask a Question\" button next to the price and I
a wooden cat figurine sitting on top of a white surface with its paw in the air
Wooden Cat & Dog Cell Phone iPad Stand Holder
Wooden Cat Cell Phone iPad Stand Holder