Wie funktioniert eine Lunge

What a cool science project. Blow into the straws and watch the lungs inflate!

DIY Sundial

The sun clock can help the students determine what time it is by putting a pencil in the middle of the clock which will be the hour hand for the clock , and the students can learn about the minutes of the clock so that they can learn how to tell time.

Simple kitchen science experiment how to make a cloud in a jar.

How To Make A Cloud In A Jar

Illustrated Map of Finland


The Water Cycle foldable/graphic organizer. 2nd grade

The Water Cycle foldable/graphic organizer. grade -- A fun tool you can make at home to help remember the water cycle.

Finland and its provinces - tell something unique about each area of Finland

VIP Finland Concierge is going to tell you and help you in Finland and its provinces

weather icons

Set of weather icons. The bottom row is the same as the first to last...


Print Safety Signs Coloring Pages For Traffic Signs Coloring Pages, Educational Resources Children

I wish every school will have this! It will show how much sugar in every drink. Show and tell!

This is a very basic way of knowing how much sugar you load yourself with every time you make the wrong choice of what goes into your body.