Kids will love practicing writing their letters with this quick and easy activity!

Creative way to make printing practice fun

Scribble Doodle and Draw: use paint baggies to practice printing letters, sight words, spelling words, etc. so many ways! --I like the addition of the qtip as the writing tool for fine motor practice!

Free summer reading log kids can color. Motivating way to track kids' reading.

A Reading Log Kids Can Color

Sentence matching

Match the picture to the sentence. Fluency, sight-words, and comprehension! Looks alot like Edmark Reading program.

three bears nesting toy

3 Bears Printable- use to make magnet board pieces for retelling Goldilocks & the Three Bears and/or hotglue to large popcicle stick like puppets for same purpose

Silly Sentences

Silly sentence project-- for building sentence patterns with various nouns, verbs, articles, etc. So many sentences can be created.maybe have the student write the sentence on a lined white board (from dollar tree)

Dramales rond emoties. De leerlingen tonen allerlei emoties. Al haalbaar vanaf het eerste leerjaar.

Facial Expressions Photographic Learning Cards - This set of feelings cards takes children through the world of emotions in an accessible way.

Kirjoita kuvasta - tonttujen touhuja.

Elf Magic Advent Calendar-Elves frolic and play while preparing for Christmas! Prepare for Christmas by opening a window each day during Advent to

One-Finger Spacer- Help your child write better this year!

One-Finger Spacer (25 Pack)

New writers and those with visual or fine motor challenges can rely on the spacer's arrow for directionality and its ruler for precise letter measurement.