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the red and white squares are arranged in rows, with one diagonal line at each end
Pitsiä, sydämiä ja valepalmikkoa! Neulo Mia Sumellin kirjoneulesukat rakkaasi jalkaan
a red and white cross stitch pattern with squares on the bottom, which have been drawn in
a cross - stitch pattern with blue and white designs on it, showing the line of boats
���� #22 - ����� ����� 02.11 - Los-ku-tik / Фото #22 - Вяжем детям 02.11 - Los-ku-tik
a knitted hat and scarf are on display
the words life with mari frozen - vulasukat ohue are written in white
Frozen- villasukat ♥ OHJE
Life with Mari: Frozen- villasukat ♥ OHJE