Merja Kokki

Merja Kokki

Kuopio / Merja, joka tykkää mäyräkoirista ja kahvista.
Merja Kokki
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The Best Kind of Plant to Grow in Every Type of Apartment via @PureWow

I HAVE A BASEMENT APARTMENT WITH ZERO LIGHT Never fear, subterranean city dwellers--you can still plant a gorgeous indoor garden. Succulents barely need any light and are pretty much un-killable, so stick with plants like cactuses, aloe and agave.

Imagine this corner without the plants!  #plantgang :@frkmejo #urbanjunglebloggers

The French Bedroom Company Urband Jungle Bedroom. We're loving the interiors trend of house plants - from concrete planters, cacti, basket pots, hanging plants, palms and so much green for your home. Collection of house plants on a wooden table with whi

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Coffee & Snow

Winter Tea Party Winter for Christmas and winter holidays. DIY and Beautiful Candle and candle holder ideas using Tapers, pillars, and tealight candles or LED candles.


Whenever I travel, I want to look your best, and one surefire way to do this is to bring the perfect black travel dress. The right dress can be dynamic, comfortable,…