Merja Väisänen

Merja Väisänen

Merja Väisänen
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Vallée de la Nervia (C Monet - W 881),1884.

Monet painted <i>The Valley of the Nervia</i> during a ten-week trip to the Italian Riviera in early The river Nervia flows into the Mediterranean near the French-Italian border between Ventimiglia and Bordighera

Shepherd and Sheep, 1888, Camille Pissarro

shepherd and sheep 1888 Camille Pissarro art for sale at Toperfect gallery. Buy the shepherd and sheep 1888 Camille Pissarro oil painting in Factory Price. All Paintings are Satisfaction Guaranteed

Claude MONET, Les Coquelicots, Argenteuil, 1875

off Hand made oil painting reproduction of Poppy Field Argenteuil, one of the most famous paintings by Claude Oscar Monet. Monet's 1873 Poppy Field Argenteuil is an emblematic work in the history of paint.