Bring a bear day sample for hibernation day

read the books and have boxes with an opening for a cave and let them put their bears in the cave to hibernate and take home Bring a bear day sample for hibernation day

'F' is for Finland with this next alphabetical countries worksheet from KidsPressMagazine! #geography #EuropeanCountries #Finland

Finland Culture Map

Fun colorful sketch collection of Finland icons, countries alphabet

itsenäisyyspäivän askartelu ideoita - Google-haku

itsenäisyyspäivän askartelu ideoita - Google-haku

Finland for Winter Sports

Finland for Winter Sports

kindergarten art pattern - Google Search

The grade students learned about and looked at the artwork created by Piet Mondrian. They learned the three primary colors: red, yellow,.

Runeberg Cakes (Runebergintorttuja) recipe

A Finnish February: the Runeberg Cake (aka: Runebergintorttuja) - ginger, almonds, with cream and raspberry reduction.

Moomin glossy pictures from 1960's. Suomenlinna Toy Museum, Helsinki, Finland. #toymuseumhelsinki #lelumuseohelsinki #moomin #muumi

Moomin glossy pictures from Suomenlinna Toy Museum, Helsinki, Finland.

Old poster - Saimaa, loveliest in Finland!

Lake region in Finland, explore it by steamboat! Saimaa is a lake in southeastern Finland. At approximately square kilometres, it is the largest lake in Finland, and the fourth largest natural freshwater lake in Europe.

Tell your mom you love her with this adorable bear cub and it's mama in this 3D pop up Mother's Card . #HappyMomsDay


The brown cover of this Bears Pop Up Card features a mama or papa bear lovingly cradling a bear cub. Once opened this sweet card pops up to reveal a mama or papa bear playfully gazing at its baby cub.