Great resource!

Pay attention, please…

27 Ways To Make Sure Students Pay Attention In Class. Or second language learners. Or my son, who often isn't paying attention.

Nice form to use for self-assessment. Be sure to have students share this with parents during conferences.

Free Parent-Teacher Conference Resources

A Teachable Teacher: Parent-Teacher Conference Tips and Freebies Linky Party. Using for parent teacher conference & at end of quarters

Math, Science, Social Studies......Oh, my!: Indiana Goes Back To School Blog Hop

This is a quick and easy formative assessment to quickly assess if your students are learning what they need to. The teacher asks a question and students used a hand signal to show their understanding.

Search and find for any language!

Search and find for Spanish prepositions vocabulary game

Worksheets: Plant Life Cycle Flash Cards

Plant Life Cycle Flash Cards

Kindergarten Second Grade Plants, Animals the Earth Worksheets: Plant Life Cycle Flash Cards

Great idea of a safe place including how to do it as well as tools to help to calm a child

Safe Place - Ideas for Students with Extreme Behavior

Team V's Second Grade Fun: Safe Place - Ideas for Students with Extreme Behavior


Problem Solving Wheel for Anger Management. Helpful way to provide choices to children.

Ryhmätyön arviointia

Ryhmätyön arviointia (in Finnish)

Harjoitusmateriaali — LukiMat

Harjoitusmateriaali — LukiMat

Worry beads Step 8.png

Make Worry Beads

How to Make Worry Beads. Komboloi worry beads are a Greek fidget toy, used to relieve stress and generally pass the time. Making your own set for fun or stress relief can be done with just a few inexpensive supplies. See Step 1 to get.

Step 1.jpeg

Use Worry Beads

How to Use Worry Beads. Do you have a nice set of worry beads. but worry about whether or not you're using them correctly? Fear not! Here are some common methods of using worry beads.

Lukuja liikkuen - Tavuja touhuten

Lukuja liikkuen, tavuja touhuten on Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriön sekä…