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Mini Foldable Book
Fold one piece of paper into a book! Easy foldables template. Fun for kids to make. #itsalwaysautumn #foldables #kidscrafts
a pair of scissors and some paper on a table
TRIANGLE BOOK From One Sheet of Paper
How to Make a Book from a Single Piece of Paper
an open pink piece of paper sitting on top of a table
DIY: Instant paper books
Just One Mom Trying: DIY: Instant paper books
two pieces of paper cut out to look like rectangles
DIY: Instant paper books
some type of font that is in different colors and sizes, with the words tulosta
Tulostettavat materiaalit
TULOSTA taiteltavat minikirjat (ehkä pohjaksi omillekin| Tulostettavat materiaalit | Lasten Keskus ja Kirjapaja Oy
an origami book with trees and grass on the pages is folded up to look like a pyramid
Relief Teaching Ideas
I accidently came up with this idea when arranging some normal trioramas. They fit so well together! I’m sure other people have done this before & Tästä 4D triotramasta täällä on ollut kyselyjä.. Teimme tokaluokkalaisten kanssa parin viikon "taloprojektin", jonka aloitimme tarinan kirjoittamisella. Tarinasta lapset miettivät sopivan kohdan, joka he kuvittivat taittamalleen lohkolle. Lopuksi he kirjoittivat tarinat puhtaaksi koneella. Monipuolinen ja innostava projekti! Kannattaa tehdä! (Päi...
the butterfly life cycle is shown in three different stages, with instructions to make it
Toys from Trash
bricolage transformation chenille
four pieces of paper that are on top of a counter with magnets attached to them
the solar system
You know how we're an art family...: the solar system
three different colored circles with labels on them
cute project to teach where they are in their world
a child's drawing of a man standing on top of a stack of books
The Effects of Blogstalking
Me on the Map project
three pictures are hanging on the wall in front of a green frog and flower frame
Frog Life Cycle
life cycles