22 Things that happen When You Learn To Knit (#14!!)

22 Things That Happen When You Get Into Knitting

17 Adorably SpooOOOooky Knits For Halloween


Moomin stamp / Tove Jansson, Writer, artist and illustrator from Finland

Tove and Lars Jansson illustration



wow!!! Moomin cake ~ Tartsmulan Cakes, Sweden

Moomin Cake Moomin cake with Moomin, The Groke and the Hattifatteners

moomin ミイ

moomin ミイ

Moomins anime

The moomins and a heart shaped shell Snälla hitta en snäcka!


So sweet It remimds me of something that once happened to me

Snufkin's cooking #muumimeri Finland

Snufkin's cooking #muumimeri Finland

Tove Jansson - Haisuli

Come in, dear, the door's always open!


The Hemulen is another favorite of mine from the Moomin books by Tove Jansson.

snufkin tumblr - Buscar con Google

My diamond sky

niiskuneiti ja muumipeikko vedn.psms..bmp.jpg

Image detail for -Moomins - The Moomins Photo - Fanpop

vanha muumi - Google-haku

you look fine snorkmaiden




Tove Jansson - Fillyjonks and horse Primadonna postcard (Who Will Comfort Toffle?) via Kiosk Mamymuminka (Moomin PL)