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a bridge that is over some water with buildings in the background
Kerava river and the light traffic bridge over it
an old red brick building with two silos
Vantaa has a beautiful countryside.
two cars parked in front of a building with an emblem on it's side
The city hall of Vantaa, built in 1957
a train traveling through a lush green countryside next to tall grass and purple wildflowers
A museum train between Rekola and Korso, Vantaa.
a red train traveling through a lush green forest next to tall grass and trees on either side of the tracks
A short railroad track leading to the light industrial area of Hakkila, Vantaa
a tall building with many windows on the front and side of it, against a blue sky
Flamingo, the "Las Vegas of Finland"
a building with some cars parked in front of it and snow on the ground around it
Fazer chocolate factory in Vantaa produces Finland's favourite chocolate.
a large building with many windows next to a pond
The colourful suburb of Kartanokoski
an old car driving down a dirt road in the middle of a field with tall buildings behind it
In the 70's Vantaa quickly developed from a rural area to a big city.
an airplane is parked at the airport terminal
The airport in Vantaa has been chosen the best European airport in 1997 and 2000 (IATA), and the best airport of the world in 1998 (IATA), 2009 and 2010 (Monocle Magazine).
two people walking in front of a white building with green grass on the ground and trees
The chapel of St. Lawrence, winner of the 2010 "Best concrete structure" -award.
an aerial view of a large hotel near a river
The hotel in Tikkurila has the best river view in Southern Finland.
flags are flying in front of a building with a large rock on the ground and another stone statue next to it
Science center Heureka, winner of the 1988 "Best concrete structure" -award