Minna Heiskanen

Minna Heiskanen

Minna Heiskanen
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cities in snow photo: Helsinki  Winter Tweed Run tweedrun_kristakeltanen_36.jpg

cities in snow photo: Helsinki Winter Tweed Run

Have a cup of coffee in Cafe Regatta. DONE

Bird house Snow games Cafe Regatta – Cozy Cottage by the Seaside by Conchi Garcia, RAWR Magazine

Christmas Forest in Uutela, Vuosaari. Vuosaari is an eastern suburb of Helsinki, Finland. www.kiviluoma52.me

this is called a 'Swedish flame'. Make your cuts like you're cutting cake. Throw some fuel oil in there. The fire burns up to two to three hours.

Helsinki. This place is amazing. I would love to spend more time exploring every nook and cranny of it.

In the spirit of Beyonce – to all the single (traveling) ladies out there – add these places to your list. These 20 cities are considered some of the safest in the world for the female solo traveler –