Handcrafted wooden JELLY BEAN MACHINE by stumppondtoy on Etsy, $48.95

Jelly Bean Machine - now that's just fun to say! Handcrafted Jelly Bean Machine by stumppondtoy: Great for jelly beans, M's Skittles etc.

Use a framing square to draw a perfect circle:

Tool Tips

Draw a circle with a square - Tack two nails to set the diameter you want, then rotate a framing square against the nails while you hold a pencil in the corner of the square. Rub a little wax on the square so it slides easily.

Wooden flying toy... well... maybe my husband will make this in his wood shop. ;)

x x Cherry and sycamore hardwoods. Pull the string and the propeller flies into the air. Outdoor toy especially loved by boys.

miniature cars from aluminum cans, Creative Soda Can Crafts, http://hative.com/creative-soda-can-crafts/,

15 Creative Soda Can Crafts

Miniature cars from aluminum cans. After drinking soda from aluminum cans, you can recycle your soda cans to create interesting projects instead of tossing the empty cans into the garbage or recycling bin.

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This idea would be fun to apply to basic name stitching on burlap


Craft Stick Catapult - my awesome Cub Scout companion leader used this to teach Leave No Trace: need 7 sticks for outdoor code rules, and signature. Band 5 of the sticks, band 2 of the sticks. You rock, Kimberly P.