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Joseph Alanen - Maid of the air.  The Kalevala.

Alanen, Joseph - Maid of the air

Ilmain impi Tuo oli kaunis Pohjan neiti, istui ilman vempelellä, taivon kaarella kajotti (Kalevala VIII:1,3-4) Lovely was the maid of Pohja, On the arch of air high-seated, Brightly shining on the rainbow.


beautiful old stamp Suomi 12 M Finland postage poste timbre finlande selo francobolli finlandia markkaa

*** *** *** I'm stampolina and I love to take photos of stamps. Thanks for visiting this pages on flickr. I'm neither a typical collector of stamps, nor a stamp dealer. I'm only a stamp photograph. I'm fascinated of the fine close-up structures which are hidden in this small stamp-pictures. Please don't ask of the worth of these stamps - the most ones have a worth of a few cents or still less. By the way, I wanna say thank you to all flickr users who have sent me stamps! Great! Thank you…

Two stone trolls embedded in a Helsinki building.  Pohjola is a location in Finnish mythology, sometimes translated as Northland, one of the 2 main polarities in The Kalevala.

Architecture in Helsinki

Guess which one is Alys and which one is Alex. Helsinki Cathedral. Some art deco apartment buildings through tram cables. The oh so cool Design District. Helsinki is the Design Capital of Europe for 2012 and the retailers and museums are stepping up. Cool shops featuring tons of awesome modern handicrafts made in Finland. Stay with me people....turning the blog on its head... Alex and I rented bikes and cruised the entire city. Helsinki is pretty small and has a population of about 500,000…

Kalevala Brewing Co. by Josh Parenti, via Behance #taninotanino #vinosmaximum

Kalevala Brewing Co.

Kalevala Brewing Co. design and branding.

karua suomalaista maisemaa

Architect Visit: Y House by NOW Architecture in Helsinki - Remodelista

Helsinki-based architect, theorist, and musician (he's a proponent of Finnish electronica) Tuomas Toivonen founded NOW for Architecture and Urbanism in 200



Viikate (meaning "Scythe" in English) is a heavy metal rock band from Kouvola (Finland)

Viikate (meaning "Scythe" in English) is a heavy metal rock band from Kouvola (Finland)

#Viikate #Sotkamon #Syke 2012 by Samu Puuronen

Sotkamon Syke 2012 | Viikate

Sotkamon Syke 2012. Klikkaa kuvaa saadaksesi paremman esikatselutilan. Siirry nuolinäppäimillä eteen- ja taaksepäin.

Suomalaista sisua on pyöriä hangessa saunasta.

Suomalaista sisua on pyöriä hangessa saunasta.