the best salt liquorice ever! This is Salmiakki by Fazer, tiny diamonds of salt and sweet liquorice. This brand gave this diamond shape the name "salmiakki" in Finland :-D

Recipe for Sima, a very easy, slightly alcoholic fermented lemonade. A traditional spring drink in Finland.

Sima: Recipe for Finnish Fermented Lemonade

Sima Recipe for Finnish Fermented Lemonade Sima is a fermented lemon drink from Finland brewed in the Spring. This Sima recipe is very easy to make and a great introduction to home fermentation.

This gives some idea of the areas that the Akateeminen Karjala-Seura rightly considered to be part of “Greater Finland” by virtue of being traditionally inhabited by Finno-Ugric speakers. In particular, the territories along the eastern border of Finland to the White Sea, which had for as long as history has been recorded been populated by Finnish Karelians were called Eastern Karelia in Finland. Most of the poems in the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala, were collected from this area and…

The Suojeluskuntas in the – the Finnish Civil Guard - “Greater Finland”

Bolshevikki juliste-Itä-Karjala

Here you can find soviet Retro Music in and soviet posters, including We don't want war but we'll defend Soviets!

Veekoo kahvia purkit, kaikki

Veekoo kahvia purkit, kaikki

super salmiakki

Super Salmiakki candy (Though I think these might actually be Scandinavian!