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an old fashioned wooden jewelry box opened to show the inside and outside compartments with drawers
an open wooden box filled with lots of clutter next to papers and other items
Cabinet de curiosité M
Particolare Cabinet de curiosité M, Pirate, Petites Curiosités, Christophe Mazuyet
an electronic device is laying on the ground
Hellboy amulet
Medieval Incunabula Reliquary Necklace
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Medieval Incunabula Reliquary Necklace
an old wooden box with various items in it, including a bottle and other things
“架空のセレクトショップ”、クラフト・エヴィング商會の“おかしな”展覧会がやってくる!|Pen Online
an open wooden box with various items inside
an assortment of antique items on display in a glass case, including books and clocks
Guillermo del Toro as Alchemist: An Interview with Keith McDonald and Roger Clark
Installation photograph, Guillermo del Toro: At Home with Monsters at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (August 1–November 27, 2016), including Professor Bruttenholm's box, 2003, from Hellboy; Thomas Kuntz's Fakir, 2010; and Dan Baines's Crookes' Residual Ectometron-Dual Chamber Variant, 2012
an old wooden box filled with lots of items
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