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a glass bowl with holes on it
Iittala | Karkkainen.com verkkokauppa
Iittala Kastehelmi vaalea pinkki 35 cl kulho
a pink plastic basket with holes on the bottom and handle is shown in front of a white background
Iittala Kastehelmi kulho vaalea pinkki
a white and pink towel on a white background
Lexington New Authentic -pyyhe
a pink glass candle holder with a black label next to it
Iittala | Karkkainen.com verkkokauppa
Iittala Kivi 60 mm kynttilälyhty Vaalea pinkki
six plates with cartoon characters on them are lined up in a row against a black background
Muumi seinälautaset
a pink comforter on a white background
Muotia ja laatua parhaaseen hintaan | H&M FI
Vaaleanpunainen pussilakanasetti
three pink towels stacked on top of each other
Vaaleanpunaiset Lexington-pyyhkeet