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Miika Mustaniemi

Miika Mustaniemi
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star destroyers on the way...

My first designed wallpaper for the new 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' movie. You can see the new star destroyer 'finalizer' with patrolling tie-fighter. First Order Navy

Star Wars - Quality Cell Phone Backgrounds - Album on Imgur

Did you know: X-Wings were originally designed for the Empire? They were supposed to be the main star fighter for them instead of the T. however, Rebels stole the prototypes and designs for the fighter.and the rest is history

VII by AndyFairhurst on DeviantArt

These are my officially licensed Star Wars printsin association with Lucasfilm, Acme Archives Limited, the Poster Posse, and Le Café Pixel. The are on display at the HeroFestival in Marseille,.