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(Formerly Windows 10 Google: Media Center, but following Kamal's departure I've decided to pull it out of the project for now while I experiment a bit.) I am experimenting with some new things with...

A Modern Media Center - Spotify by wwsalmon

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Music & Video - User interface Design Patterns and Wireframe Templates |Patterns by UXPin

Beautiful List Ui For Mobile App — I like the idea of having the image of whatever location is being searched for to have an associated image pop up in the background. *notes for my own stuff, not displayed app*


John Pereless: Confusion and concern are more dangerous to creativity and innovation than fear. For, they may lead the designer to a complete paralysis. Fear can become a positive reaction unless it turns to concern and confusion.


The form is the red circle while the counterform is the lowercase "b" in the logo. The negative space creates a headphone shape.