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Tumma sauna on isännän mielestä paras osa kylpyhuonetta…

Beautiful sauna More

Feel the warmth of natural fire in this stylish stove. Woodburning Harvia stoves provides a pleasurable experience.

Traditional Finnish Sauna

Scandinavian Sauna Culture

This Swedish bathing pavilion features rough-cut pine walls that are treated with tar, a preservative that yields a time-worn aesthetic. Photo by James Silverman. This originally appeared in Modern Wood Pavilion Joins Home.

Outdoor sauna house with shower

Everything can be built in an outdoor sauna as well as in an indoor one but one has to take into account the outer temperature and the natural elements too.

Finnish suana design at the Summer House on the Baltic Sea Island

Modern Scandinavian Log Cabin Set on a Beautiful Baltic Sea Island

Image 7 of 19 from gallery of Summer House on the Baltic Sea Island / Pluspuu Oy. Photograph by Samuli Miettinen