Drawing the right proportions with a grid.

Often, if we ask our kids to draw a figure, it is built according to proportions intuitive, motivated by the idea of ​​”figure” that is proposed to us as children, with the head much la…

Drawing proportional bodies - many tutes on site

Analysing the human figure with the students of the 8 we have understood how to draw a human body with the right proportions. Helping with a grid with squares we invented a character according to t…

Italian Figure Drawing Assignment  Partial translation"It 's always fun to bring the Canon of Polykleitos and see the faces disbelief asking: "Our head is one eighth of our body? There must be some mistake!" The only way to tell is to look at reality and verify it! With a grid we have designed a "dummy" and from this scheme we created a figure with proper proportions"

GRADE Gesture and figure drawing- Could cut out magazine pictures and do this?

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