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an old world map is on the wall above a desk in a room with lots of books
17 Home Office Nooks Perfect for Maximizing Small Areas
Make the most of small areas with these home office nooks. Perfect for tight spaces, these setups are ingeniously designed to offer comfort and productivity where you least expect it.
a dark room with lots of windows and a desk in the corner, lit by candles
365+ insanely creative office decor ideas for work from home inspiration - Creativindie
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a bed sitting under two windows in a bedroom next to a wooden desk and book shelf
If you are a guest, should you strip the bed or make it up at the end of your stay?
an old fashioned library with bookshelves, desk and globe on the table in front of it
Dark Academia: A Scholar's Sanctuary
Step into the serene world of dark academia with these stunning images of vintage libraries. Rich with antique books and the glow of golden light, they're perfect for your phone wallpaper or to inspire your next reading nook. Embrace the trend of 2024 with a touch of timeless elegance. Save this image to your 'Dark Academia' board to keep the spirit of timeless learning alive on your feed! Dark Academia | Vintage Library | Book Lovers | Antique Books | Study Inspiration | Phone Wallpaper
a bed room with a neatly made bed and lots of plants on the window sill
Hufflepuff + Hobbit inspired room
by @benmyhre [IG]