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What Are You Working On? 2011 Edition! - Page 385 - Polycount Forum

An example of a low poly prop designed in z-brush. The simplicity of the model along with how detailed it can be with it's very specific style make for an item of high impact that could be used in a number of places within an environment.

Siegecraft TD 1 by mavhn on deviantART

Low poly assets for Iphone game I worked on recently. Siegecraft TD I modeled and textured all the grassland and jungle levels props and some of the mine and mountain levels. Also created all the Interface elements and the logo.

Shardassu by jflaxman on DeviantArt

The mortal servants of Nakhara cultivate incarnate nightmares from their captives’ darkest fears. As their victims’ worst imaginings come to dominate their thoughts their brains a.