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Men with style. minus the hat. not a fan of the hat, you're not Noah from the Notebook.

simplecrook: oh man check out that shirt! and that pipe! and the hat! man i want at least of this stuff.

Reclaimed Wood and Glass Coffee Table. Unique by TicinoDesign, $820.00

Reclaimed Wood and Glass Coffee Table. Unique by TicinoDesign - I like this, but I would replace the glass with the same reclaimed wood as the base

10 Amazing Masculine Bedroom Designs » Man Made DIY | Crafts for Men « Keywords: decor, bedroom, tour, modern

You can discover here as simply painted in other than white colors ceilings decorated wood boards, moldings and so on. Checkout Some these amazing bedroom ceiling design ideas for your inspiration.

The Suit Versatility Matrix: What Goes With What For Every Occasion [Infographic]

If you're not sure what suits go well with what dress shoes, and what type of event the resulting ensemble is appropriate for -- can I only wear black to funerals? Should I ever wear black to a.

The Bro Code  on amazon!

The Bro Code Paperback. THE BRO CODE provides men with all the rules they need to know in order to become a ''bro'' and behave properly among other bros. THE BRO CODE has never been published before.