Milena Heikkinen
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Omg that is the most adorablest thing I have seen all day. This child is my perfection
maybe we are far but...i hope one day they will see what we see in each other
One day, the strings that hold us will break and every piece of darkness will shake in the remanence of the light. The freedom that will come will break us free from what we live in today.
(My other oc, she's Ashley's best friend,she's 14,there both single,there both nearly the same) (Oc by Lizzychan :) Annie:……*walks around*
Just starting to put random characters and things in here now. I'll edit them when/if I wanna actually make them a character in a story.
Hey guys!!! I just finished an anime and I am looking for a new one. Any suggestions???
Anime Girl covered with Pink Roses and surrounded by Butterflies Art.